May Thirty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must try to develop pure spiritual consciousness.

Lines to Memorize
In the flash-light of my soul, As I read this unwritten book
of Thine, My life’s unseen, intricate mysteries are unfolded.
All veils are dropped. I sit speechless, marvelling,
in awe and wonder, As I read and re-read this
unwritten book of Thine.

Whatever may be our ideal or faith, if we have sincerity
of purpose and humility, if we have real yearning desire
to know Truth, One who reads our hearts, our innermost
feelings, will direct our thoughts and life to It. God is infinite,
all-abiding. He is within us, but we must awaken to the
sense of His Presence.

May the Infinite and Eternal One Fill my mind and heart
with the consciousness of His Being. May He take from
me all selfishness and egotistic feelings. May I love and
serve Him truly And realize ever more and more
His Presence within and without.