May Thirteeth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Spiritual feeling cannot be forced.

Lines to Memorize
Language of the soul is spoken without tongue;
Its soundless symphony is heard not by keenness of ear,
But only by those who are deaf to the noises of the world

Those who are truly awakened, those who have a real
conception of spirituality never try to force their ideas or
views upon anyone; far from it, their sense of humility is
so overpowering that they never raise their voice or try
to interfere with others. If we have something in our life
that is vital and real, we have little time to go about
disturbing anyone. It is only when we have not reached
the depths that we make much noise and we disturb
our peace and the peace of others.

O Thou who knowest all my feelings and aspirations,
Make my yearning for Thee so earnest and sincere
That I shall seek Thee before aught else. Sanctify my
thought and dedicate it to the Highest. Make me more
firm and steadfast in my spiritual striving,
And grant me Thy peace.