May Twenty-Nineth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Until we become a conscious, vital factor in the Divine Life,
we can have no real sense of security.

Lines to Memorize
Alas, I follow Thee but with frail and faltering feet. Wilt Thou not
show me mercy, Thou Friend of the lowly, And halt Thy march a
little moment? Have pity on this poor pilgrim And let him
once worship Thy holy Feet.

The loftier things of life one cannot define or calculate.
They are too big, too profound to describe. We must feel them
with spontaneous soul-yearning and humble spirit. These feelings
alone can destroy our pride, our doubt and despair. If our inner
life is filled with humility and richness of spiritual understanding,
nothing else matters. When we possess these, if good or ill fortune
comes to us, we know how to meet it. We have found the
Power which sustains us in all circumstances.

May the Supreme Being open my heart to His holy influence,
That it may be free from all doubt and darkness of ignorance.
May He enlarge my vision and increase my yearning for the Divine;
May He unite my life with His Divine life ,
And keep me ever in His loving protection.