May Twenty-Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
If you keep your gaze on the right course, no one can turn you back.

Lines to Memorize
My heart is full today, O Lord of my life, now Thou art come.
I was lonely and desolate; I dared not ask Thee to this lowly cottage;
.But Thou, wondrous Lover, gavest me courage,

We have no existence separate from the Divine Existence.
When without any calculation, without any doubt or question,
we learn in humble spirit to lose ourselves and be used
as God pleases, there comes a greater dignity in our life.
We refuse then to have our selfish will, because we know
how limited it is. We have a peaceful feeling in knowing
we are a part of the Great Will. As we meditate on this mighty fact,
it becomes a reality for us and our heart is filled with humility.

O Thou who art my Guide and Friend, Help me to come to Thee
with humility and a true sense of consecration. May my gaze
never be turned away from Thee; May I never seek my joy
apart from Thee; May I approach Thee with faith and
devotion, And find all my strength and peace in Thee.