May Twenty-Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
People who are great are never aggressive or domineering.

Lines to Memorize
I found happiness nowhere till my self-will was lost in His Will.
Now I have no will of mine. Nor do I want my will again.
His Will is my will And my will is His.
In His Will is my delight;
His Presence is my peace.

The lowly ground, there the water rolls; there it fertilizes and enriches the soil.
So God picks up the humble life and makes it fruitful.
There is no reason to be either arrogant or self-depreciative.
When we depreciate ourselves, it is not humility.
When we fall into despair and despondency, it means we have
lost our higher instinct and forgotten our own true value.
Our sense of values has become distorted.

O Thou All-blessed One, bestow upon me Thy grace,
That I may always yield my will up to Thine,
And seek Thy will alone. Free me from all sense of
self-importance and arrogance. Take from me all
heaviness and sadness and make me worthy of Thy blessing.