May Twenty-Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Practise humility. Never try to get ahead of anyone.

Lines to Memorize
Thou divine messenger, Friend of the lowly, Dwell Thou with
me in my heart. Be it in poverty or in wealth, Be it in pomp
or pain, Be it in darkness or in light, Do Thou dwell in my
heart as my Friend and Guide.

The spiritual life can become very living. When our life moves
along avenues of humility and simplicity, we are healthier
and happier. That which represents simplicity, with order
and tidiness, that is the best way and that is the spiritual way.
Not by strain and struggle, not by aggressiveness and
self assertion can we approach Truth. It comes to
those who are humble and surrendered.

In prayer I lift my heart to the Infinite, May He free it from all
unkindness and unloveliness. May He fill it with His love, leaving
room for naught else. May I serve all His children with humility
and unselfishness And shed forth His light at every step.