May Twenty-Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Life is constantly radiating that which has
either good or evil influence.


Lines to Memorize
Sun, Thou coveted light of the world, The grey sky tried to
hide Thee; That she might enjoy Thee alone In her blind,
selfish greed. But Thou, universal Lover and Light-giver,
Tearing off her veil of mist, Came forth to gladden our hearts.


When we have really found something deeper, spontaneously
we try to live it. When truth is lived in our life, it inevitably
reaches other lives. Whoever comes near us, whatever life we
touch, we give something spiritual. We give our atmosphere
which we create through our attitude of mind and our
physical habits. Whatever we have, that we share constantly.
Our good and bad moods affect the whole of humanity.
We are inseparable parts of one great Life and can
possess or hold nothing apart from it.


O Thou All-pervading Presence, Fill my life with Thy radiance
That it may shine forth and brighten the lives of others.
Grant that I may never harm or wound any of Thy children,
Or turn them away from Thee.