May Twenty-Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Ambition kills spirituality. Do everything humbly and without ostentation.

Lines to Memorize
The dark walls of night stood before me as if in grim
defiance, barring my vision. I searched for light but
the face of the dark was ever before me.
“Light! Light! My soul cries for light! “
Help me to find the light!

If sin or persecution leads us to humility, we should bless it:
thus it is that saintly men bless their enemies. Even though
we may feel the hurt, there comes a deep mellow feeling
and we bless those who hurt us. Blows and wounds drive
us to God. Life means struggle. God sends us hardships
as a blessing, that we may unfold. When there comes
real ripening, it makes one mellow, gentle and enduring.

O Thou Supreme One, open my heart to Thy blessing. Plant in
it the seed of spiritual fruition; Take from it all pride and ambition,
And keep it simple and free from vanity. Quicken in me higher desires.
May I feel the closeness of Thy Presence, as I fulfill my daily tasks