May Twenty-Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
The one who is humblest, he is the greatest.


Lines to Memorize
Tell me, O Thou wondrous Being, why dost Thou choose
the lowly hearts? Is it to make them bright with Thy footprints?
Is it to comfort the comfort-less Thou comest down so low?


Some people are made more mellow, more humble when they have
success and glory; others lose their point of view. A common man
always asserts his own attainments, while a superior man is only
conscious that it is God manifesting through his bigger talents and
lesser ones, through his success and failure, through his happiness
and misery. In all his experiences he tries to realize one fact alone—
that God’s will is being fulfilled through his life,
through his thought, through his activities.


O Thou Eternal and Infinite Being, I find my delight in Thy
vastness and majesty. Teach me to be Thy true child, humble
and pure of heart. May the glamour of the world never blind
me to Thy glory. Thou art the One to be loved and worshiped.
Reveal to me Thy all-abiding Spirit, And keep me ever in Thy peace.