May Twenty-Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
The aim of all spiritual teaching is to make us loving,
pure, humble and unselfish.

Lines to Memorize
Altar-flower, I have watched thee with deepest wonderment.
Thou fragrant beauty of delicate loveliness,
Thou hast given thine all!
Now thou art fading. Art thou dead?
Nay, thou art risen to thy glory — Thou art ascended.

Religions do not differ fundamentally one from the other;
they all point the way upward, Godward. They tell us never
to be afraid to lift up our head to God. They strive to give
us a greater vision, to make us forget our smallness and realize
our Divine inheritance. They show us the way to attain fulfillment;
they say we must cease to cling to the little notion of “I and mine”
and cultivate humility and simplicity.

In this hour of worship, I gather up my thoughts
And lay them at the feet of That One who is my loving Mother.
May She lend me Her tender protection
And lead me in the path of humility and unselfishness.
May She protect me from all ignorance,
And enfold me with Her holy peace.