May Twenty-First

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must be wakeful, sincere and devout.
There must be no pretense or arrogance in our life.

Lines to Memorize
Wouldst thou pluck a flower in the budding?
Wouldst thou trample a newly planted seed?
Patient waiting and care bring them to ripening.
Our life’s unfinished work and unexpressed
thoughts All have their season of harvesting.

There is not one so humble or so placed in life that he
cannot carry out his spiritual convictions through his life.
Every one of us can do it. All that it requires is simplicity,
sincerity and devotion to our highest Ideal. Whether we
believe in one thing or another makes very little difference.
The whole theme of life lies in following a practical Principle.

Thou who art the Source of all my sustenance,
I lift my prayer to Thee. Thou art my Wealth and Wisdom;
Thou art my All-in-all. Teach me how to offer up my whole
being for Thy service, And express Thy love through my life.