May Twentieth

Salient Thought for the Day.
One cannot pretend simplicity and humility.

Lines to Memorize
I lose all power of speech
Whene’er I am before Thee;
My heart sings lyrical songs
Yet my tongue gives no sound
Whene’er I am before Thee

All the great characters we have known have exhibited marvelous
simplicity and directness. When one’s mind is crooked, traveling by
divers ways, or when it is full of calculation, it cannot appear simple.
There can be no pretending in simplicity. It is a natural, spontaneous,
unconscious gift. We must unfold it in such a measure that we are not
conscious of it. The moment calculation enters in, it is destroyed.

May the Inexhaustible Source of my life make me sincere and
earnest in my search after Truth. May I be simple and genuine in my
spiritual life. May I always look within and not without for help
and guidance, And may my devotion to the Highest be unfaltering.