May Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Simplicity, humility, whole-heartedness, can be cultivated
by right direction of our thought.

Lines to Memorize
Many times I have thought, as I scattered Thy unending gift,
That this vessel was emptied; But it ever remains full of freshness.
I know neither to fill it nor empty it. I only know that
Thou hast placed this inexhaustible cup in my hand. I carry it
where’re I go. ’Tis Thou who givest and keepest, I only
know that I am Thy servant, Thy humble cup-bearer.

There are people who find it difficult to be simple,
humble and direct; but these qualities are essential
in the spiritual life, and we must develop them.
They may not be natural to our life as it is, but we
can change our life. We can make it whatever we want to make it.

Let me lift my heart in guileless simplicity. May the Supreme
Spirit of the Universe, who is Mother and Father and Divine Protector,
May He surround me and ever guide my steps. May He ever make
my heart glad And graciously bestow upon me His Peace.