May Eighteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
If we live constantly close to the spiritual forces, we become charged with them.

Lines to Memorize
Thy immortal soul of sweet perfume
Hath risen to the throne of thy Lord;
Thou art no more separate from Him.
Thy humble heart hath taught me a holy secret,—
Yea, thou hast given thine all.

When we do our work through higher inspiration, which comes
from contact with our Source, it has a special freshness. This
inspiration comes with purity of heart. No one has a monopoly of it.
The true heart is the same everywhere. The pure soul in its
attitude and aspiration is always the same. There is no difference
in the great saints anywhere. Spiritual wisdom is always the same
and it never fails to fill the one who possesses it with higher power.

O Thou who art my Resting-place and Shelter, I take refuge
in Thy Sacred Being. Rouse in me a new ardour of devotion.
I offer Thee my whole heart in humble worship;
Cleanse it and fill it with Thyself.