May Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Spiritual qualities are infectious; also evil qualities are infectious.

Lines to Memorize
In this great symphony of life
Where all is melody and music, save the voice of ego,
Sing, my soul, in harmony!

Those who have pure thoughts and noble ideals and loving
characters exert a strong influence on others. Whenever
we want to have a lasting effect on any character we
must not expect to do it too quickly or too easily.
If it is done too quickly, it will not last. It is like hay-fire.
You set hay on fire and it makes a tremendous blaze,
but in a moment it is over; while a log fire is slow to catch,
but it lasts a long time. The real spiritual life is manifested
when there is no element of fear, no ulterior motive,
no bargaining. When we pray, we must not ask God to give
us something in return. Our prayer must spring from the
spontaneous desire to commune with what is beautiful.

May I feel the protection of the all-abiding Spirit within me.
May He so inspire my heart that I shall consecrate all my
thoughts and efforts to His service. May my love for Him
be so sincere and spontaneous that others will feel it
and gain new strength and inspiration from it.