May Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Be vibrant with love, faith and humility


Lines to Memorize
Faith, thou dost lift my humble heart. Faith, thou dost show
me His glory. Faith, thou dost give me the nectar of love to drink,
To revive and refresh my spirit. How oft thou dost bear me
up From the world of doubt and weight of self.


We can make and unmake our outer conditions by our thoughts
or feelings. If we are humble, sincere and full of faith and devotion,
we can change the whole order of things in our outer life. If our
miseries are the result of a wrong point of view we can remove
them by discrimination, right feeling and nobility of purpose.
Many times we may have to fail and stumble, but if our efforts
are blessed with the Grace of the Supreme, they will always be fruitful.


O Thou Supreme Deity, I lift my heart to Thee. Help me to
assimilate the spiritual blessings which Thou dost bestow
upon me so abundantly. May Thy Presence kindle within
me a more fervent fire of faith and devotion. Thou
art the Source of my life and strength. Unfold my understanding
that I may feel myself at one with Thee in spirit.