May Fifteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must forget our littleness in bigness of vision, in a
larger Ideal, in love of Truth and love of humanity.


Lines to Memorize
Dark night of the soul is an illusion of mind. Doubt of your
divine birthright will melt before the sun of Truth that will
dawn in your heart. . . . In hour of meditation your thoughts
will shine like the bright stars, Illumining the firmament
of the spiritual world.


There are two kinds of ego. One is unripe leading us into
unending troubles. The other is the ripe ego which connects
us with God. The only safe attitude a man can take is that
he is an instrument in God’s hands. This comes from an
exalted state of mind and always leads to a bigger Ideal.
It is reached through simplicity and spiritual devotion.


May that Infinite One who knows my innermost thoughts and feelings,
May He free me from all egotism, pride and unlovingness. May He lead
me to greater closeness with Him. May He fill my mind and heart with
His divine Essence And make me ever conscious of His Blessed Presence.