May Fourteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Too often through aggressiveness we step in our own light


Lines to Memorize
“The light is behind thee;
“When thou dost turn thy face it will shine before thee.
“This light—the ever-burning candle of life— was always with thee;
“But the phantoms of illusion blinded thine eyes.” . . 
My soul, be thou vigilant! Keep constant watch
o’er this ever-burning candle of life.


When we cease to be in conscious touch with Divinity and
turn our gaze towards the world, we forfeit the light.
Then trouble, sorrow and disappointment overtake us.
This goes on until we learn the great blessing of humility—
that humility which is born of wisdom. The little man,
the selfish man fades away, and another takes his place,
one that is bigger, nobler, more efficient.


O Lord, kindle within me Thy Divine Light; That I may behold
Thy Presence, And see all things as they are in reality.
Free my mind from all darkness. Cleanse my heart from all
selfishness and unwisdom. Make me humble and free
from all that takes me away from Thee.