May Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When you have humility, no one can thwart you,
no circumstances can overcome you.

Lines to Memorize
Why art thou fearful and trembling? He is not a God of
revenge. Cast off thy false belief and let Him fill thee anew.

When our heart grows humble and guileless, we come
close to the spiritual realm and gain spiritual vision.
Then it does not matter what happens in the world.
We remain indifferent to success and failure, victory
and defeat. The ordinary man rises and falls with the
change of circumstance. His life is fashioned according
to the thinking of others. In order to find a place where
we can rest and have a sense of security, we must sever
ourselves from the outside material world and retire within our own soul.

I lift my prayer unto Thee, O Lord, who alone canst fulfill
the desires of my heart. Without Thee I can do nothing.
Help me to make Thee my safety And turn to Thee in all
distress and difficulty. Help me to look to Thee always
for protection And rest my trust in Thee alone.