May Twelfth

Salient Thought for the Day.
God is real to one who is spiritually awakened and humble.

Lines to Memorize
Thou art the Maker of this life, the Giver of my sight.
Once I was ignorant of all this and sought happiness
apart from Thee; But now Thou knowest my only desire.

To have a perpetual sense of dedication to God, we must
carry Him in our thought and in our action, and realization
will come as a result of this. When it comes, nothing can
separate us from the allness, the all-abidingness of Deity.
Then in the midst of all changing things we rest in That
which is stable. It is through our understanding and a
sense of consecration that we attain this state. Mere
intellectual reasoning will not give it. A man must
have a finer intelligence; he must be full of finer
feelings and free from self-assertion.

O Thou Infinite Spirit! Thou art my protecting Father,
Thou art my loving Mother, Thou art the nearest of all beings.
Make me more conscious of that nearness And help me to
trust more wholly to Thy loving care.