May Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must try with lowliness of heart and with all the fervor
of our being to reach out towards the Goal of our life.

Lines to Memorize
In the soft light of sanctity, As I behold Thy transparent
form of divine loveliness, My lowly heart is filled
with unspeakable gladness.

Again and again the mind may fly away and follow its old habits,
trying to forget that which has given it a glimpse of Reality.
But we must try to bring it back. We must learn to purify
our heart and simplify our life. When we have done this,
the spiritual life becomes so natural that we do not
even breathe without the consciousness of the First Great Cause.
Then our struggle is over and we find peace.

O Thou Supreme Being, Thou art the Eternal among fleeting things,
Thou art the Stable among all shifting things, Kindle in my heart a
more fervent love and devotion for Thee. Make my yearning for
Thee more ardent. May I always follow Thy path
Until I reach Thee, who art the Goal of my existence.