May Tenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Simplicity is a divine gift.

Lines to Memorize
Is it for my lack of knowledge that Thou art come to me in
this garb of simplicity? Is it to help the helpless that Thou
hast made Thyself known to this lowly heart?

The spiritual life is never arduous, but when we take a
wrong point of view it seems to be arduous. There is
nothing so simple as to open our heart humbly before
that One from Whom we have descended. But if any
element of pride, calculation or doubt enters into us,
it becomes unnatural. Sometimes out of fear children
try to hide something, but they find themselves entangled
and their mind becomes blemished. If we want to gain
anything in the spiritual realm, the direct simple method is always best.

May the All-abiding, All-loving Spirit of the Universe,
Who is the embodiment of all blessedness,
May He purify my mind and cleanse it from all alien thoughts.
May I find my highest relaxation and joy in
His Blessed Presence. May He make me
simple and free from all complexity