May Ninenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Unless we are born again as little children our burdens will not roll off


Lines to Memorize
I shall always remain ignorant, that Thou, All-wise One,
may ever guide me; I shall always remain a helpless child,
that Thou, mighty Spirit of the universe, may ever protect me.
I thank my fate that keeps me ignorant of many things,
so I may know naught else but One. I bless my fate that
keeps me ungrown, so I may cling to Thee alone.


The child has not the wisdom and calculation that a grown-up
person has and he is always protected. The world is powerless
to resist the charm, the appeal of a child. When a child is born,
it seems to bring fragrance from an unknown region. Let us
learn the art of being like little children. We are so grown-up,
we have such a sense of independence and self-importance
that we cling to our burdens. When we gain a trusting spirit
and give them up in complete surrender and simplicity of heart,
our burdens drop from us of themselves


O Lord, make my heart pure and clean and humble. Help me to
approach Thee with guileless spirit. Make me childlike and simple,
That I may be able to lay all my burdens at Thy blessed feet,
And trust wholly in Thy tender care.
And live in unbroken contact with His Divine Being