May Eighth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Try to do everything humbly and with the utmost simplicity

Lines to Memorize
O Thou Infinite Life, dost Thou count even a lowly grain of dust as
Thine own? For this revelation my heart is speechless

In the spiritual life there cannot be anything studied. In the realm of religion we thrive better when we cultivate the quality of simplicity, of guilelessness. We must be like little children. When real humility dawns in our heart through the realization of the Infinitude of God, we realize our relation with that Infinitude and our finite nature fades into insignificance. Our dependence on material things, our egotism, our self-importance dwindle into nothingness and we taste true happiness

O Thou Infinite Being, I lay myself humbly at Thy Blessed Feet.
Without Thee I can do nothing,
But with Thee all things are possible.
Do Thou direct my life and thought;
Do Thou lead me by Thy gentle hand.
Fix my mind and heart on Thee
And may I find all my happiness and peace in Thee alone