May Seventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
Human life is a sacred thing.

Lines to Memorize
My adoration to Thee, Thou heroic, compassionate heart,
Who dost lift the distressed from their woeful state!
Thou Giver of superabundant life,
My soul’s adoration to Thee alone,
Thou incarnate Spirit of light and love.

Our sacred obligation is not so much to the outside world as to
ourselves. We must prove our divine heritage; we must show by our life
that we are descendants of God, that we have a mission from Him;
that we live for Him; that we spread His love and the sense of His living
Presence. It is not a question of mere preaching. Everyone does not have
to be a preacher, but everyone must live the life with humility and purity
of purpose.

May the unbounded Spirit who directs all our thoughts and actions,
May He help me to live so worthily That my life may gain new
majesty and sanctity. May I be free from all smallness and pettiness.
May I live in the consciousness of the Infinitude of God
And look to Him for all protection and inspiration