May Sixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When is one’s mind pure? When it is simple,
when it does not hold anything but Truth


Lines to Memorize
Wouldst Thou dwell in this house of mine,
O Thou King of the great universe?
If this be Thy pleasure, I shall keep it clean, untouched and apart


When your mind is simple and your heart one-pointed,
then you see only light. “When thine eye is single, thy
whole body is also full of light.” This is not only a spiritual
fact, it is a practical fact. A man who scatters his thought
over many things, he is always weak and his mind is confused.
Man must find out how to maintain connection with his Source.
The calculating mind never finds it; the selfish mind never finds it.
That mind which is pure, cleansed and shining—that mind alone finds it.


O Thou, who art the nearest of all beings, Grant that I may
move in Thee and live in Thee alone; That my whole existence
may rest in Thee. Bestow upon me this blessing That I may
never for a moment forget Thee. Thou art my eternal Home
and Resting-place. Reveal Thy true nature unto me that
I may manifest it in my daily life