May Fifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
A little sacrifice of the flesh does not count for anything.

Lines to Memorize
I will sing to Thee now with my whole voice and lose
myself utterly. When Thou didst ask me first I was
shy and self-conscious, But now through Thy patient
and unchanging love, my heart is open

We are happiest when we have a sense of spiritual values
awakened in us. We get this sense through purity. We must
try to touch the heart of our blessing. We must give ourselves
the chance to be imbued with these higher feelings. These hands,
this heart and mind can produce what is lovely and far-reaching;
or they can be detrimental to us. Every act of ours should produce
something of worth and beauty.

O Thou Supreme Spirit, accept the fruits of this day’s labor
and make them worthy I offer them unto Thee with lowliness
and devotion. Thou art the Giver of all good; Grant unto me a
sincere heart and a humble spirit. Guide me in all things by
Thy gentle hand, And bestow upon me the blessing of Thy Divine peace.