May Fourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We get rid of our problems by a process of emptying.

Lines to Memorize
Bathe thyself in the water of life. The earth water cannot
cleanse thy stains. Adorn thyself with the garb of simplicity,
Anoint thy heart with selfless love: Thus do thou enter
the shrine with soft and gentle tread.

The mind must be emptied before it can be filled.
In this way we free ourselves from our cares and
worries and troubles. We go round and round our
problems, but it is not through calculation that
they can be solved. The only way we can be rid
of them is to drop them like a dead weight.
If we form the habit of gazing on something that
is pure light, doubt, misery or despondency
may come, but the Light will never fail us.

O Thou All-loving Deity, help me to direct my whole thought
to Thee Thou art the Consciousness of my consciousness;
Thou art the Life of my life; Fill my whole heart with Thy
Divine Presence, That there may remain naught else beside Thee.
May I turn with childlike simplicity to Thee in time of trouble
And find my peace in Thee alone.