May Third

Salient Thought for the Day.
A man who has gained his access to Divinity,
he has simplified his whole life.


Lines to Memorize
I want no playmate but Thee. They do not understand my simple games;
They have no need of me, for they have many others.
I have no other than Thee;
yea, I am lonely and sad;
But I await Thy pleasure with humble submission.


God sees our actions. Loud prayers cannot deceive Him.
To reach Him we need to be pure-hearted and genuine.
Too much calculation defeats our purpose in the spiritual life.
It is simplicity and guilelessness which carry us forward.
It is not enough to take up the spiritual life as a fad.
It can never benefit us. We must get the true import of it,
to profit by it.


May the All-abiding Spirit, to whom I look for help in every hour,
May He purify my heart and make it so free from stain
That it may be a worthy dwelling-place for Him.
May He make me simple and guileless.
That I may trust wholly in His loving care and protection.
May I draw all my strength from His inexhaustible
store-house And live in unbroken contact with His Divine Being.