May Second

Salient Thought for the Day.
Humility is the richest jewel you can wear

Lines to Memorize
Wouldst thou worship the High, the Holy? Then strip thyself
of this garment of self and put on a fresh vestment of humility.

Humility is the greatest ornament in life. If you place your
hand in the divine Hand with real humility, no one can take
you away from Divinity. If you come with truly humble heart,
no one can cast you off from the Divine. Some people when
they receive a blessing are able to retain it because they are
humble and receptive. Among those who aspire are many
different types, some must express their devotion through austerity;
they are unbending and critical of others in the spiritual life.
There is another type which employs only mildness, gentleness
and humility in every task. Great souls belong to the second type.

O Thou Giver of all gifts, Bestow on me the gift of true humility.
Free me from all pride, vanity and self-assertion Grant unto
me a lowly heart That I may do all things simply and without
aggressiveness. May my mind dwell ever on Thy vastness
and glory And feel itself nothing apart from Thee.