May First

Salient Thought for the Day.
Keep your heart free and clean and humble, then God will enter.

Lines to Memorize
Since Thou hast told me Thou wouldst enter my home, I have
cleansed it and decked it with wild flowers. My house was bare
Oh, how full it is now! My flowers were unscented – now they are fragrant.
I would not exchange this cottage of mine for all the palaces of the world.

Service, humility and purity are the foundation of character.
Without them no spiritual growth is possible. So one must practice
these qualities with earnestness and sincerity, and God will come.
When we know that great Spirit whom we call Father or Mother as
our own, all pride, fear and turbulence vanish and we find peace.
As our heart becomes free from blemish, we feel the presence of
the Divine within us and We are able to reflect it in our outer life;
but we do not keep it to enjoy selfishly, we give it to others in
every word, act and thought.

May the All-compassionate One purify my mind and cleanse my
thought; May He fill my whole being with His Divine love and strength.
May He fulfill my one desire and prayer And make me a worthy
dwelling-place for His holy Spirit