March Fifteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Our mind is too outward.


Lines to Memorize
I think these thoughts when I am alone with Thee in my
inmost sanctuary, Where no noise or mortal sound
disturbs the rapture of communion That ever fills my soul
in Thy holy Presence.


We are constantly reaching out; and we cannot move away
from the center of our being without exhausting ourselves
spiritually, physically and mentally, because we cut ourselves
off from the Source of supply. It is the outgoing man who
blunders. The one who looks for help from outside nearly
always meets with disappointment. Our real help comes
from an inner source. We do not go to heaven in a crowd.
We do not seek the crowd when our mind is filled with holy
spiritual thoughts.


All-abiding Spirit, help me to assimilate Thy holy word
in stillness. Free my mind from ignorance and
outwardness. May I look to Thee for all guidance and
inspiration. Do Thou protect and lead me in all I say and
think and do.