March ThirtyFirst

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Only one who is sanctified can live, aspire and serve truly


Lines to Memorize
Rhythm of Life, I feel thy beating pulse
In the still depth of my soul,
Where sensuous sounds melt into oblivion.
Thy ceaseless music drowns all discord,
Blending chaos of life in eternal harmony.


.The sanctified soul never wants to rule, he never wishes to make his voice heard and for that reason he becomes the mouthpiece for the outpouring of Truth. The man who is sanctified is devoid of all self-seeking. He feels that his first obligation is to his spiritual being. If he does anything to weaken his spiritual fibre, he suffers. His mind seeks naturally the high, the holy, the divine. His inner being is like fertile soil; when a spiritual seed is dropped into it, it becomes fruitful.


O Thou Great Eternal One, keep me close to Thee,
May I find my whole happiness in Thy Divine Being.
Enfold me with Thy beneficent love
And make me one with Thee.
Still all discord in my heart.
Fill my mind with harmonious thoughts.
Rouse in me holy aspirations..