March Thirtieth


Salient Thought for a the Day.
Ardent devotion sanctifies everything.


Lines to Memorize
My life’s broken harmony is restored, The unfinished song is
complete Since 1 have found my place at Thy sacred Feet.
Thy beckoning hath saved me from falling into the snare of deception;
Contact with Thy holy Being hath refilled my ebbing life.


.It Is not the aggressor, it is not the scheming, calculating man,
who does most for the world; it is the man who has a true sense
of consecration and sanctity. When man learns the higher order
of life, when he learns the higher law of love, he brings healing
and happiness to himself and to others. We are all children of God;
but in our practical life we do not always express those qualities
which show us to be children of God. We must manifest it through
our daily living.


May I feel uplifted and inspired and free from all that is sordid
and sad for my soul. May I hear with my ears what is holy and
sublime; May I see with my eyes that which is spiritual, pure and exalting.