March TwentyNineth

Salient Thought for a the Day.
We cannot play the hypocrite in the realm of sanctity.


Lines to Memorize
None can hear his footsteps save those whose sanctuary door is open;
His noiseless tread is heard only by those whose outer ears are closed


.In order to practice the sense of the Divine Presence within us we
must get rid of all insincerity and complexity. We must be genuine
and earnest. That is why singleness of purpose is preached so
insistently; our thought must be unmixed and simple. Until our
heart is simplified, it is difficult to feel the Presence of the Divine.
To make the heart simple we must not listen to the voices of the world,
we must not yield to sights and sounds. Then our perceptions become
keen and we perceive the Presence.


O Thou who art eternally abiding in my soul, I lift my heart
in worship unto Thee. Do Thou nurture within me the true
spirit of sanctity. May insincerity or doubt or skepticism
never overwhelm me. May my mind be free from unrest
and distraction. May I remain firm in my devotion and faithful in my life.