March TwentyEight

Salient Thought for a the Day.
Sanctity never enters into a lazy life.


Lines to Memorize
Playmate of my soul, once Thou didst teach me a dance
And we both clapped our hands with a joyous song in our hearts.
Today my whole life floats in its rhythm And my body sways with its beat..


If the mind becomes saturated with worldly thoughts and feelings
it grows dense, heavy, unresponsive. Even in the hour of devotion
our spiritual aspiration, when we try to awaken it, does not respond,
if our mind is dull and heavy. But this does not happen with people
who live carefully and thoughtfully. They do not slacken in their ardor.
They do not leave their spiritual practice for the last moment. All through
the day in everything they do they are preparing themselves. When we
do this, even our ordinary tasks can be full of lofty inspiration. It depends
on our attitude of mind, how fervent and watchful we are.


Help me to lift my thoughts and manifest true holiness of life
in God. Fill me with His blessed Being. May I learn to live
close to His Divine Heart And be unmoved by the voices of the world.