March TwentySeventh

Salient Thought for a the Day.
There is no such thing as imitation in the spiritual life.


Lines to Memorize
There are many ways to sing: Song of the mind, song of the senses,
song of the heart, song of the soul. It goes ever deeper and deeper.


It is sincerity of purpose that makes us realize unity with the Divine.
Holy thought and aspiration take away all hatred,
envy and jealousy and we become gentle,
beloved children of God. But this unity cannot be
reached by calculation or pretense, or by intellect alone.
It requires more than mere intellectual grasp. It requires the
Spirit of Sanctity. This unity is found in silent communion,
when we lose all sense of the importance of the outer and
feel the importance of the inner.


Thou, Supreme One, art the Eternal among non-eternal things,
Thou art the Light of all light,
Thou art the Substance of all life.
Sanctify my thought and lift my aspirations.
Grant me access to Thy Holy Being,
Make me Thine own.