March TwentySixth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Our prayers are more effective and beautiful when we carry holy thoughts in our mind at other times.


Lines to Memorize
In my prayer I knew not what to ask of Thee, For my mind
was rent with many desires, And my heart was torn with longing,
So I could not pray with a single heart; But a sudden dawning
hath come upon me with a lightning flash. Now I sit with but
one prayer in my heart:That Thou filled me with Thy love
first and last. Only this I ask with all my heart and soul.


So long as there is much noise on the outer plane we cannot hear
the voice of the subtler spiritual plane, nor can we hope to gain
access into the higher realm. When day after day we strive to
cultivate the consciousness of our inner being, our prayers grow
more fervent and God hears our least call; but our heart must
be one-pointed and we must feel that our being is a part of His Being.


Make me so humble and free from self-consciousness
That my life may be filled with holy inspiration.
May I learn to be refreshed through the sanctity of my thought.
Thou alone canst sanctify my life. Make it holy and pure and
full of ardent devotion.