March TwentyFifth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Even a little spark of holy aspiration will transform the heart
and mind and make them capable of higher thought and feeling.


Lines to Memorize
When pure Spirit shines who sees it?
Few, yea, only a very few!
For not many have the seeing eye.
Many see the light of the sun, the moon, the far-distant stars
And the light of yon road-side lamp;
But only the pure heart with the eye of love
Can see the light that shine from pure Spirit.


A man who is spiritual cannot be less capable in any direction.
He has greater capacity for loving God, he is able to love
his fellow-beings more; he has clearer vision and greater power.
Too often we are afraid to take interest in big things because
we do not wish to let go of the small; yet in that bigger thing
we find the smaller included. Our life is never impoverished
by higher aspiration, it is always enriched.


O Thou All-radiant One— Out of Thy compassion,
kindle in my heart a new fire of holy aspiration.
Clarify my sight that I may gain new vision.
Cleanse my mind that I may perceive Thy Presence
in all things And dedicate myself with new ardor to Thy service.