March TwentyFourth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must seek first the blessing of the Divine:


Lines to Memorize
I ask for naught Save what Thou placed in my hand at Thy pleasure.
World’s treasure is empty and sordid to my soul; It only burdens my
mind and heart. Even a grain of Thy blessing fills my whole life with
true joy and peace. I crave naught but Thy grace.


When God blesses us, everything that we do, everything
we touch, is tinged with His blessing. If we have found this
in our consciousness, we carry it everywhere. It is not only
sometimes we have it, we have it all the time. Even in our
blunders, when we fall down and make mistakes, we know
even then we cannot be crushed, we cannot be lost; because
we have Something which is entirely ours.


May my heart be freed from all doubt and despair.
May it find peace through Thy Grace. Through Thy
Grace all things are possible unto man: Even the lame
can cross the mountain and the dumb become eloquent.
Open my heart to Thy blessing that my life may find its fullness in Thee.