March TwentyThird

Salient Thought for the Day.
We are never safe until we have found our foundation in Truth.


Lines to Memorize
The shower of Thy blessing Fell on this parched ground
Which was barren as a desert. At first I did not believe
That aught could soften it; But Thy miracle hath changed
This waste to a flower land.


If we only learn to have a steadfast hold on the Supreme,
all our outer actions can be easily regulated and sanctified
and be made a part of the inner consciousness.
True devotees hold fast to Divinity and because of that
they are always able to maintain their balance. They feel
secure no matter how many times they are whirled round
and round by the outer circumstances of life. This is a secret
we learn through the practice of holiness.


May the Infinite All-abiding Spirit give me inspiration,
strength and courage that will sustain me in all my
thoughts, words and actions. May I lean on Him and
depend on Him alone. May I look up to Him only for
protection and safety. May I find all my peace in Him.