March TwentySecond

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we constantly unite our heart with our Ideal it becomes an uplifting and re- deeming factor in our life.


Lines to Memorize
In the hour of silent communion
I taste sweet ecstasy of bliss.
Thou art the Light of my soul,
This body is only its shade.


When we plant a seed it has no apparent sign of life,
but we know it contains the germ of life. We care for it,
we water it, then it sprouts; very soon we see a little plant
and hopefulness comes. We are able to care for it more
because we see a sign of life. Same is it with our life.
A very small understanding may be there, a small capacity
for feeling; but if we foster these, we strengthen them and
through our aspiration they become larger every day.


O Thou All-pervading Deity, May I find my refuge in
Thy all-abiding, all-tender Heart. Fill my life with fresh
inspiration that it may be full of spiritual fruition. My own
strength is not sufficing; My real strength lies in Thy strength.
May I ever follow Thy path and unite my will with Thy Will.