March TwentyFirst

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must learn the art of always carrying the inner light of holiness.


Lines to Memorize
This flame that burns in my heart was lighted by Thy hand.
Thy servant keeps watch. Thou alone canst give him power
to conquer sleep That his eyes may keep watchful vigil in the
dark hours of night which so oft rob our inward sight.


We feel the Presence of the Great Spirit of the Universe in silence.
The silence is not so much external silence, it is the silence of our
inner being. As long as there is turbulence and unrest within us, we
can never reflect the Spirit of Holiness, nor can we penetrate to the
innermost depths of our being. Only when there is a cessation of all
unrest within our heart do we feel the Divine Presence and at once
arises within us a new sense of sanctity.


O Thou Effulgent Spirit, shed Thy radiance in my heart and mind,
Fill my being with Thy divine light That it may shine in all my thoughts
and actions And bring brightness in other lives. Surround me with
Thy protecting love and Thy abiding peace.