March Nineteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must seek the path of holiness, the path of strength, the path of consecrated action.


Lines to Memorize
These thoughts of my inmost soul that I sing,
It matters not whether they he in rhyme,
rhapsody or prayer. The songs of the soul are
not made of words. The singers that are true
sing not with their voice or tongue,
But with feelings which are beyond utterance.


The finer qualities can never be monopolized by any one.
We can sing the same song as the great saints and Saviour.
We may remember only fragments of it, but we can gather
all these parts and sing the whole song as they, have sung it.
When we partake of the inward life, we become sanctified
and all things assume their proper value in our outer life.


O Thou Eternal, Infinite Deity, Grant unto me a
serene heart. Grant unto me a peaceful heart.
Fill my heart full of love for Thee and Thy children.
Cleanse it of all weak and narrow feelings.
Make it joyous and selfless and all-embracing.