March Seventeenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
In seeking the lesser we often lose the greater.


Lines to Memorize
Holy Eternity, boundless Glory, I crave to invoke Thee,
But my tongue hath no utterance! I long to follow Thee,
But my feet are fastened to the ground in wonderment.
Wilt Thou not remove my fetter of self That I may follow
Thee always without hindrance?


A person who looks from a low point, his judgment is
always erroneous. A majesty comes when we look from
a high point. A person who identifies himself with the wrong
end of life loses his spiritual grandeur. Have a lofty point
to think upon. Build around that, cling to that and your life
will be renewed. If you keep a stream flowing, the water
is continually fresh. In the same way if we keep that higher
channel open, a perpetual renewal takes place.


O Thou who art the Light of the Universe, Grant that I
may have access to Thy Infinite Light. All things shine
after Thee. It is Thy light which reveals all things.
Reveal Thyself unto me that I may be renewed and
filled with Thy divine wisdom.