March Sixteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
When we absorb the world too much, it weights us down.


Lines to Memorize
Amid world’s confusion who will show me the way,
If Thou dost not come? Thou art the way And Thou
art the One that lead the the way. I cannot find the
way or follow the way Save when Thou dost lead
me by Thy hand. Then I follow Thee, Yea, and
I follow Thy way.


We are given freedom to choose our path We are free to
shape our destiny. We are our own enemy. The world cannot
hinder us, if we do not allow ourselves to be hindered. If we
have once established our contact with God, we cease to
see evil and it cannot overcome us. There must bean
objective in our life. The objective of the soul is to find a
clear connection with Divinity.


O Thou All-wise Being, I offer Thee my humble prayers.
Thou knowest my needs, Thou knowest my innermost feelings;
Do Thou fulfill my needs and make me worthy, That I may
live a holy life and spread Thy blessing.