March Fourteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
It is only by living a life of holiness we create what endures.


Lines to Memorize
To show us the way of light Thou art come to this plane
of life As love and wisdom incarnate in flesh. Free of
ego, free of stain art Thou.


One may speak a word and it becomes vibrant,
ringing, living; it brings new life. Another may
speak the same word and it carries no weight.
A great personality, what does it mean? It means
that certain forces are embodied. It is a light which
we cannot help seeing. Whatever that person does
is sanctified; and what can sanctify, but wisdom,
knowledge of the Source? If a man is able to feel
the realities of life, he becomes so sensitive,so full
of feeling that it makes him a lover of God and a
lover of humanity.This comes only through wisdom
and wisdom comes only through living the life.


O Thou Holy One, may Thy beneficent power flow through
me, making my life pure and holy. May I consecrate every
thought and deed to Thee. May I open myself to Thy blessing.
May I be willing to give all, that I may receive all from Thee.