March Thirteenth

Salient Thought for the Day.
We must pour out our higher instincts through our life.


Lines to Memorize
Yon bubbling brook, Behold its clear, sparkling drops
It is a symbol of holy life, Ever new, ever flowing,
ever fresh. For it springeth from an unfailing Source,
ever fresh and ever new.


When we first try to walk in the spiritual path,
we find only obscurity; but the awakened soul finds
it bright and full of God. It is obscure because we
create our own obscurity. It is bright for the one
who is awake, because he carries with him a light
that is unfailing. When we see only darkness all about us,
if we can get a sense of divine protection, light will come.


Thou art so near, O Eternal Spirit, yet I do not see Thee.
Thou speak-est, yet I do not hear Thee. Uncover my eyes,
that I may perceive Thy holy Presence. Open my ears that
I may hear Thy divine Voice. Make me untiring and one-pointed
in my search for Thee. May I dwell ever in Thy light And
find my joy and peace in Thee.