March Twelveth

Salient Thought for the Day.
Detachment from self-assertion brings fullness of life.


Lines to Memorize
Think not of self,
But let thy love encompass other hearts
True love hath no boundary lines;
Like the infinite sky it covers all space.


Forget yourself as much and as often as you can.
One cannot conceive a holy life without self-forgetfulness.
As long as we think of ourselves, we cannot think of God.
We should be able to lay down the little self without any
sense of loss. This becomes easy when a holy cause is
bom in the mind, when a holy purpose rises in the heart,
which blesses and sanctifies.


O Thou All-compassionate Spirit l May I have such love
and gentleness that I shall never hurt any living being.
May I hold such thoughts as will uplift my heart and mind.
May I always remember that Thou art the only Doer.
May I speak and act and think as Thou makest me.
May I ever remain as a tool in Thy hand.