March Eleventh

Salient Thought for the Day.
Pray that you may be saved from the onslaughts of ego.


Lines to Memorize
Good and ill, pleasure and pain, And all the conflict
of dual life Fade before the constant sun,
This Sun of Truth, life of the mystic soul,
His unending joy and unfailing peace!


When a person yields to selfish impulses, it shatters
his moral fibre and weakens him; then the ego
overcomes him. Great power is working. Each
one can be a pure channel for it, a clear ready
channel, if the spirit is right. Also if the spirit is
not right and the ego is uppermost, you can hinder
that mighty power. The first act is to cleanse your
heart of vanity, pride and selfishness. You must keep
your inner atmosphere fragrant with holy thought.


I lift my inmost thoughts and feelings to That One from
whom comes all my strength and all my blessing.
May my heart and mind be single and one-pointed
in their aspiration and service to Him. May I never
yield to selfishness or harshness. May the blessing
of the Supreme infill my life.